Tuesday, 21 August 2012

The Wedding! Part 1 - The Civil Ceremony!

I meant to post about this a while ago, right after it happened, but on Saturday, August 11th, Arlyn and I had our civil ceremony after finishing the Lululemon Seawheeze half marathon.

Originally this civil ceremony was supposed to be really low key - just a quick signing of the legal papers and marriage license - but it sort of snowballed out of control. You see, from the earliest stages of our wedding planning, we wanted to have my Dad perform our ceremony for us. The idea was to get him licensed as an officiant, and then have him marry us in his RCMP uniform. That turned out to be harder than expected. Unlike some places in Canada and the US, being able to legally marry someone in BC is a big pain in the ass, and we just weren't able to get my dad set up in time.

So the back up plan was to split the ceremony in two parts. We would do the legal signing on the 11th, and the REAL wedding, the ceremony, on the 18th. The legal part wasn't as important to us... I felt we were legally married when we signed the mortgage on our house.

So a quickie civil ceremony it was. Arlyn booked an officiant, and we were good to go.

Arlyn then came up with the idea of doing the signing at the finish line of the Lululemon half marathon on August 11th - a week before our wedding. We had planned to do the half marathon the week before just for kicks, sort of a right of passage... finish a half marathon together - get married the next week.

So Arlyn contacted the organizers of the race and asked if it would be okay if we could do the ceremony really quickly at the Olympic cauldron. The race organizer got super excited and said yes, they loved weddings, and they would find us a nice spot for our ceremony.

Shortly before the race they sent us this pic...

They told us they would be roping off a section in front of the cauldron. There would also be flowers.
Suddenly this was becoming a little more of a wedding than planned.

So Saturday morning we got up nice and early, got in our running gear and headed down to the start of the race. Crystal Giles, our photographer, walked down with us and shot some photos before we got going.

Some of Crystals work...

 My iPhone awesomeness...

 More neon on this race than any other I've seen.

 "A BEAR?!" - Sarah Baeumler

We finished the race sometime around 10:30 and arrived at the cauldron to find flowers, signs, family and friends... it was pretty crazy.

 Brisson bubbles....

 I forgot to wear my Ryan Lochte grill...

 "...and you cup them like so..."

Of course we kept the signs... now we just need wall space for them....

Lululemon posted a video of the race, you can find us at the 3:14 mark!

If you would like to check out a couple more of the professional pics from the wedding... you can see them at Crystal's site:

All in all a really good time, and a nice practice run for the real wedding... Which I'll begin writing up in the NEXT post...


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