Thursday, 9 August 2012

First Wedding Loot!

NOW this feels all official... we have wedding loot! And from the UK to boot!

First some background...

Now WAY back in the day... going back to 2004, both Arlyn and I were working at Bardel Animation on two different Dreamworks projects, "El Dorado" and "Joseph" (I was on El Dorado, she on Joseph).

My Supervisor on the El Dorado project was this chap from the UK named Norm, and working alongside me in the tracing department was his wife, Tracy (I just now realized she was a tracer named Tracy... funny).

During their brief stay in Vancouver, we did all kinds of things... Monster trucks... movies about pedos... snowboarding... work... and then they moved away - I think to Banff or somewhere, and then back to the UK.

Cut to present day, and we have a package!

Even Mika got hooked up with loot.

First a card... though it looks like it was just for Arlyn, really....

I actually have all tattoo space on my body spoken for... so no.

And then we got into our "domestic bliss" package... (interesting place to put quotations...)

 The greatest part of this domestic bliss package is the oven mitt. Until now we have used a Christmas themed oven mitt year round.

Mika was happy to get something, anything, with a UK design on it... cuz she likes some shitty boy band from there and is now all about the English flag...

So thanks much Norm and Tracy! We shall make good use of our new Brit stuff... and Mika will dedicate listening to One Directions crap album 4 times in a row to you.


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