Monday, 25 June 2012

About this "Presentation" request....

So we've been getting a few questions about what exactly "Presentation only" is...

Well I can tell you it's not this:

Or this:

"Presentation" was a polite way of saying "We have everything we could possibly need as a married couple, so if you would like to get us anything as a wedding gift, it would be great to receive money so that we can go on a honeymoon to Hawaii in January and run their marathon!"

You see, we were lead to believe that suggesting "presentation in lieu of gifts" was the way to go about this. We are now wondering if it was maybe something Arlyn's family just made up. Heh.

Either way, while a song on your ukelele or an interpretive dance may be awesome, presentation just means "money"

 Hope that clears it up!


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