Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The Venue!

So when planning a wedding, one of the first things that comes up is the venue. We were looking for a place that we could hold both the ceremony AND reception, and a place that felt very "us". Sure we COULD have had the wedding at a country club, but really, we aren't very country club.

For a while now I've had a place in mind to have a reception, or even just a  party of some sort, so when we started looking for a venue, this was the first and only place we checked out.

The Ironworks Studio is a heritage warehouse located east of Gastown on the corner of Main and Alexander. The studio is used for a lot of photography shoots, TV and film shoots, and music events...

From the website:

"This prime urban location features large, open spaces, fir beams and columns, wood-plank floors and 16-foot ceilings. Original remains of old ironworks left behind in the warehouse are a nostalgic reminder of the build quality and character of the 1880's."

We got a quick tour of the place and then booked it immediately

This wedding stuff is super simple.

 Any way. We took Mika by it the next night... just drove by (it was closed). Mika was not impressed.

"It looks like a junkyard!"

She was pretty mad at us. I suppose the would prefer we did it in a castle.


We told Arlyn's mom of the location, and she later referred to it as "The Oil Tank" on Hastings.

Well, if our goal was to choose an original space that would raise eyebrows, mission accomplished.


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